Forming The Faces


Most sign shops will adhere cheap vinyl or paint the letters and design onto flat acrylic faces. The problem? Acrylic faces easily break and become even more brittle after only two or three years.

The Sign Doc use polycarbonate for their faces. This material is virtually unbreakable and is solar grade. You can throw a brick or swing a baseball bat at it and it won't break.

 We offer vacuum formed faces so the face is not only protruding away from the lighting inside the sign, but the words and graphics on the faces themselves have a rich, 3D look that is very eye-catching. We also offer 2nd surface (done on the inside of the sign and not on the front surface) solar grade material, flex face and routed sign faces. If you can dream it, We can build it.

Our Warranty is unparalleled in the industry. We cover our sign faces for one year, even against vandalism. If something SHOULD happen to your sign face (like a Mack truck hitting it), then we'll replace that face!