The Sign Doc is dedicated to building the best quality signs for the lowest possible price for health professionals across America (chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, doctors and many other types of specialists). With clients in all 50 states, we can do the same for you regardless of your location.


A sign from The Sign Doc will make you stand out because we have developed the science of signage over the last few decades. Using an LED sign in conjunction with your identification sign will help build your practice.


Designing the perfect sign doesn't mean just making it look good, but also making sure the necessary rules of sign design are applied so your sign is the most effective it can be for your practice. 

Design is everything for today's medical practice. Many signs you see today are all words and text. No thought, no creativity and certainly have no understanding how to communicate your message is 3-5 seconds, that's all the time you have. 

Every practice has its own vibe and its own personality. The Sign doc designers are expert in everything they do, with over 7500 signs installed nationwide, we can do the same for you.


Your sign is shipped with the mounting brackets attached and ready for quick and easy installation once it arrives at your location. We have over a dozen different mounting options so the sign will be ready to be installed per your particular requests. We build our signs to be "installer friendly" We can provide complete project management, sign permits, landlords etc. in all 50 states, start to finish.


The type of paint and the way paint is applied to your sign is important to its appearance and longevity. The Sign Doc use a paint that is specially formulated to withstand the sun's punishing effects over time. If you want a photo-realistic image on your sign, then we utilize very high-end graphic printers that print on a specialized vinyl that also withstands the sun's rays.


Our best advice is "BUYER BEWARE!" If you are considering purchasing ANY electronic message center, be very careful and be sure you are working with an expert. Drive down any street USA and you will notice about 50% of the electronic message centers working like they should. The other 50% are black and turned off. Do yourself a favor and stop and talk to these business's. There is a reason they are not working and probably never will.

Done right, electronic message centers have the fastest return on investment of any sign.

Done wrong? you will hate the day you ever thought of this type of sign.

At The Sign Doc we will provide you with references of  doctors we have installed signs for in your area.



A Sign Doc frame is made of a heavy, anodized extruded aluminum which will not rust or be impacted by inclement weather. Many sign shops across the country use sheet metal or a thin aluminum stock to make their frames, which rust or break within just a two or three year period.